• We are The Doo Wop DJ's and we strive to be the VERY BEST IN CAR SHOW ENTERTAINMENT.


  • When it comes to Car Shows or 50's & 60's shows in general we specialize in providing a whole lot of INCREDIBLE MUSIC, FUN & ENTERTAINMENT for everyone. We are unlike the other DJ's just ask our clients, we are a FAMILY and we have been specializing in Car Shows for many years and the excellent chemistry of our family and our love of the 50's shows through in our performance. We offer so many things to make your car show even better. Please check out our "SERVICES" tab.


  • We have done a lot of Car Shows throughout Michigan, made a ton of laughs and put so many smiles on peoples faces of all ages. While word is spreading fast and we are booking more & more shows every year we just can't get enough, we love the era, the music & you bet we love the CARS and even have a few classics of our own. 


  • Car Shows are fun by themselves for us car buffs, but the right music and entertainment can really make all the difference when it comes to families enjoying themselves. As a family we have always attended car shows from the time we were little kids. But it took a while to realize that there was something missing. We believe we have found what was missing!


  • Of course the cars are the most important thing at a car show but we've discovered that the right music and entertainment comes in a very high second. We have seen tremendous reactions to the music and entertainment we provide which really makes us feel good as well to know we can help put a smile on someone's face. 


  • As we've mentioned we have attended car shows for a long time and we've all seen the guy sitting there playing the same top twenty fifties music you can buy at any Wally World which is fine for the folks walking through the show in 15 minutes. But what about the folks showing their cars or the ones who enjoy staying around a while and making a day of it? We have so much music we can play 3 + day shows and folks will never hear the same song twice (unless requested)!


  • We have a HUGE selection of music and while most of our play lists revolve around the 50's & 60's we also throw in a few of our carefully selected great tunes from the 30's, 40's, 70's and now a few feel good 80's hits which we found people really enjoy hearing.


  • Check out our site and feel free to give us a call if you have any questions at all, we would be glad to answer them. We encourage you to browse through our "Testimonials" to see what our customers are saying. We look forward to talking with you and we hope to see ya at the car shows! 

We're not lost in the fifties... we choose to live there!

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